Own Works
My first instrumental piece, a Ballad, was created in 2013, kind of an instrumental love song. It arose through pure improvisation until an almost constant version remained. That was really exhausting in my opinion. It seemed nearly impossible to me to create something with more ambitious harmonies, because it's hard to keep in mind and play it twice almost the same way.
In the following two years I made to more pieces in that way, which I combined to "Suite sentimentale" in 2009 and added a calm piece to it. I had Debussys "Suite bergamasque" in mind, but the only commons are the four pieces they contain and that the third piece is the calm one. Later on I reworked the whole suite and it became my Op.1.
In summer 2009 I made the last piece in that way (Rondo Op.2,1) and I suppose it will remain the last one.

A book in which one of the main characters composes a piece animated me to try composing. The process was described quite well so I had something to go along and I was curious what will result when I stay close to the description. In the end I decided to intonate the whole book like Prokoviews "Romeo and Julia Suite". Up to now I discarded that work and I integrated the pieces that could exist without the book into my Op.2. I will reuse parts of the now useless pieces one day in some other way because I like the melodies too much to completely delete them.

Through MyOwnMusic I had and still have the opportunity to present my music in public, which was an important step for me to no longer hide it.