Grown up on the beautiful "schwäbische Alb" I got my first piano lessons at the age of 7. Attending 5th grade I changed to Katrin Randecker and a few years later to Frédéric Sommer. From 14 to 19 I successfully attended various competitions (Jugend musiziert, Tonkünstlerverband, Matthaes, Musikfreunde Reutlingen). I also played chamber music with my sisters (violin and flute) and had a partner with flute for some time. For having learned to accompany from the beginning it's easy for me to adapt to other musicians.
At the age of 14 I had my first experiences in music for choir singing in the youth choir s'Chörle of our church and later in accompany. The choirs Ausrufezeichen!, LAKI-Pop-Chor and AmaSing Praises followed.
Through free accompany of choirs or songs in church I learned how to improvise which finally led to composing. A big role too played the workshop "Heart of worship" where a staff member blessed me for it, although at first I didn't know what to do with this blessing for having decided not to write any more songs and instrumental composing seeming to be too complicated to me to even try. Not till I had started to really compose pieces for piano instead of improvising I remembered the blessing.

My current activities beneath composing are playing piano or cajón in church services or playing the piano in charity concerts with classical music. I'm also having piano lessons with Katrin Randecker every now and then again.
In 2015 I began to play Marimba and am now a pupil of Katarzyna Myćka.

I'm a Christian and I see this talents as gifts from GOD, which I have to honour him and serve him and other people.